Off the Face of the Earth

by Treeshaker

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Guitars/Bass recorded in Evan's bedroom
Drums recorded by Eric Flynn
Vocals recorded in Kelly's mom's makeup room
Mixed and mastered by Chris Palowitch
Artwork by Lacey Mendez (


released June 7, 2016

Treeshaker is:
Evan Dykes: Guitar
Kelley Bader: Drums
Vaughn Sutterman: Guitar/Vocals
T.J. Moneymaker: Bass

OTFOTE was recorded and performed by Evan Dykes and Vaughn Sutterman



all rights reserved


Treeshaker Corona, California

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Track Name: Know Your Place
Look in outer space,
Know- know your place

See the way you talk and talk and talk and talk and talk and talk
And never shut up
Don’t you feel like you’re never, never enough?
While every word that you say affects the one’s that you love
Everything that you do never matters enough

Know- we’re all to blame
For the empty space
Track Name: I Won't Be Around
I won't be around
You'll be six feet underground
Time stands still like stone
In the end, we will all be alone

Move fast through space
Don't stop to ask why.
Don't change the pace
Time has no standby
Two thousands years
Still spinning our gears
Steady and traced
The objective’s clear

I won't be around
You'll be six feet underground
Time stands still like stone
In the end, we will all be alone

Means nothing to me
Until we die
We are not complete
Track Name: Wise Eyes
Wise eyes go blind
To what they might find
Outside the lines
Outside what's defined

I don't wanna know the reason behind everything
Life is better lived with windows closed and minds wiped clean
All the logic, chronic reasoning it hurts our brains
So we’ll lock our doors and pretend everything's okay

Shy minds comply,
Too content to realize,
The world’s gone awry.
We are turning a blind eye.
Track Name: Earth Keeps Spinning
There’s no reason for us to be
An inch closer the sun would kill us
2,000 years on our sleeves
And there’s still nothing we can trust

There's nothing that I believe
Will save up from our demise
Still can't just give up and leave
We’re stuck here until we die

Can’t sleep while i’m constantly pulled down
Can’t sleep while the Earth keeps spinning round
Can’t sleep while the Moon controls the tides
Can’t sleep ‘cause it all just blows my mind
Track Name: Treeshaker
Tangled roots
Show me the truth
That there is beauty beneath the earth